Building Confidence in Kids is a DRAGON-Sized Job!



Do you continuously hear words from your kids' songs  that clatter and roll around endlessly in YOUR head? 

OR,  do you ever wonder: "What ever happened to all those good kids' shows/books"?  

Sounds like you need Gumption!  Gumption the Dragon!!  Gumption removes "meaningless clatter" (clutter) --in your child's mind (hence, in yours, too), and replaces it with valuable, confidence-building ideas!  

Gumption the Dragon Shares Secrets of POWER!

Gumption comes from DragonLand! (Far,  East of here---a friendly place where Dragons are considered to be wise, kind and POWERFUL!) Gumption uses simple, catchy tunes and poems to teach young children ideas to BOOST their POWER! (Ideas that have been Dragon Surveyed and Time Tested!)

Gumption Builds Confidence in Kids! good idea at a time!

Watch This Gumption Video!